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Latest Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Humiliating 1995 Video Captures Hillary Spoofing Retarded Man for Laughs

Don’t Breathe, Just Vote

Liberty Alliance Member Kevin Jackson Named Regular Fox News Contributor

Something HORRIBLE was UNLEASHED on the Colorado Theater Shooter in Jail…

Child abuse survivor tells TORTURE: Fed DISGUSTING things, burned on stove, and kept in ANIMAL CAGES

Iran Makes Threat to Walk Away From Nuke Deal After Latest Missile Test

UH OH Kim Jong Un wants miniature nuclear warheads to be fitted on THIS accessible weapon!

WTH!? Obama to SKIP Nancy Reagan’s Funeral for This… Unbelievable

Who Nose Best?

POW! TRUMP Browbeats Precious Snowflake Reporter at Florida Victory Speech (VIDEO)

These TWO Pics Summarize The Media’s LIES Over Gun Control- When You See It…

BRUTAL Meme Perfectly Sums Up Welfare Under Obama- And It’s Going VIRAL!

Muslim Attacks Crew, Threatens to Blow Up Plane in Air Over NYC? Media Bury the Story!

Feathers —an evolutionary enigma

Chocolate makes you smarter, study suggests

BOOM: THIS School Delivers Brutal Message About School Prayer- And It’s EPIC!

THIS Is What Just One Good Guy With A Gun Can Do Up Against SEVERAL Thugs…. WATCH!

Muslim Uses These 7 Words- To Justify Using Boiling Oil To Melt Off His Wife’s Face….

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