Friday, April 1, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, April 1, 2016

Millionaires Flee Paris After Muslim Attacks

Obama Says Jesus Is the Reason

Box Office Cashes In On Bible-based Films

Campaign Hacker Hired By Karl-Rove-esque Political Consultant

Chicago Homicide Rate Up 73% Over 2015

Ted Cruz Publicly Admits Murderous Fantasies about Trump

Four-Yr-Old Steals Brothers Juice, Then Drug Addict Mom and Boyfriend REACT…DISGUSTING

VIDEO: Mexican Drug Runners Try To Climb Arizona Border Fence…CAUGHT By News Crew!

An April Fool Everyday

Al Gore On The ATTACK: Goes After Climate Change Skeptics For “Breaking The Law”…

Attorney Says Demons Are Very Real

Joel Osteen Says It Is Better NOT to Preach Repentance

11-Years Ago Court Ordered Starvation Of Terri Schaivo

Turkish President Erdogan’s Body Guards MAN-HANDLE Journalist…Then BRAWL With DC Police

Roger Stone to Trump Supporters: “The Steal Is On” – Is The GOP Trying To PINCH Trump?

Stump For Trump Ladies VICIOUSLY Mock Michelle Fields…

‘I Am So Sick!’ Hillary Screams At Voter…And It’s NOT Pretty

‘You’re Insulting My Intelligence’ This Political Radio Host Has Had ENOUGH!

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