Monday, April 11, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, April 11, 2016

A Fast and Furious Document Dump

Is This Bible Passage One of the Most Misquoted?

Iran to Kerry: We Won’t Negotiate Over Our Missiles

Cruz Supporters Listed Twice in Colorado; Trump To Suffer?

Not So Sharp Shooter

Nearly Half of Britain Supports Legalization of This Drug

Did This Navy Officer Give State Secrets To China?

Some Virginia Delegates May Switch From Trump To Cruz

Dubai To Build Massive $1,000,000,000 Tower

Abortionist Says He Does Abortions Because He’s a “Christian,” Killing Babies is a “Ministry”

British Muslim group criticized for rejecting one of their own sects

WATCH: New ISIS Camp Appears Near United States

Disgusted Trump Delegate Burns Party Registration After This Happened In Colorado

SCARY BIKERS Waging War Against Child Abuse – Guard Home Of Girl With Abusive Stepfather!

Obama Implies Bathtubs More Dangerous than ISIS, News Anchor FIRES BACK

Liberal Minimum Wage Argument DESTROYED: Guess Who is Working at McDonald’s Now

ALERT: FBI Issues Chilling Warning of Terrorist Attack

Burger King Employees Smash Up Their Restaurants To Pieces – Because Of ONE Phone Call…

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