Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Watergate Reporter Weighs in on Hillary’s Email Scandal

Clinton’s New Plan to Sue Gun Manufacturers

Facebook Censors 2 Million Accounts due to Opinion

HAUNTING! Tied to a Post, Brutally Mutilated, See What This Terrorist Said Just Before His DEATH

Is the Supreme Court Rigged??

Do The Math

They’re Both Right: Hillary and Bernie Saying This

The Winning Formula

Hillary & Bernie Accuse Each Other Of Not Being Qualified To Be President…And They’re Both Right

Cruz and Rubio Team Up Against Trump

ISIS Terrorist Caught, He Let a Big Secret Slip Regarding the NEXT ATTACK!

Sensitive Liberals Strike Again…They are IRATE, and Ready to Take Away Our Freedom of Speech!

China Takes Intense Stance Against LGBT – Where are the Boycotts?

Hillary wants revenge on the man who called her “Guilty as hell”…

Racist History Professor Admitted to Hating White People, Can You Guess What Happened Next?!

[VIDEO] Sheriff Clarke Shames Obama Once Again Over Cop Haters With Just 5 EPIC Words

The GLARING Double-Standard in the Treatment of North Carolina

Christian State Trooper Fired for Witnessing on Job

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