Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Watch Out for Obama’s Climate Sleight of Hand

How to Keep Outsiders Out

This Says It All! When Asked About American Safety, Obama’s 11 Word Reply Proves He’s The Worst

Take a Deep Breath and Settle Down

Free College For All? This Guy Blows His Financial Aid On An Exotic Vacation To Thailand

Obamacare Is Destroying Families; Was That Their Goal All Along?

Would Jesus Condone Fighting ISIS? Iraqi Christian Fighters Offer Biblical Justification

Shooter Thought Aborted Babies Would Thank Him When He Got to Heaven

Mistake By Colorado Democrats Cost Bernie Sanders Key Delegates

Fake Uber Driver Arrested After Committing Brutal Sexual Assault

Iraq To Turn Saddam Hussein’s Palace Into Museum

The Bible Among 10 ‘Most Challenged’ Books of 2015

Stephen Hawking and Billionaire Team Up on $100 Million Quest to Find Alien Life

North Carolina Adjusts Transgender Law After Backlash

IRS: Illegal Immigrants Encouraged To Use Illegitimate SSNs

TRUTH! What Michelle did to Hillary after the election reveals EXACTLY why they hate each other!

Black girl stumbles in front of Hillary, The Media Will Never Show What Comes Next… [VIDEO]

Ruling Class Rules

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