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Latest Thursday, April 14, 2016

‘Come At Me, Bro!’ Russian Jets BUZZ U.S. Warship in Baltic Sea… Caught On VIDEO!

Verizon CEO Takes Apart The Bernie Sanders Claim That Verizon DODGES Taxes

White Privilege? College Publishes the Most IDIOTIC Letter on White Privilege

Rancher Slams BLM: ‘Fire The Next Shot Heard ‘Round The World, We’ll Fire The Rest!’

It’s How You Finish

THIS State Legislature Just Defended MONUMENTAL Anti-Abortion Law!

WATCH: Notorious ISIS-Killers Watch as Captured ISIS Fighters Whimper and Cower

RNC rules committee member discloses surprise– Trump doesn’t need all 1,237 delegates to win nomination

‘You look so hot!’: Jared Foggle STILL hasn’t learned, as he writes letter FROM PRISON.

Break Your Dog’s FAVORITE Doggy-Toy, And He Just Might Do This…So DEJECTED!

LUNATIC contractor chases boss with CHAINSAW…Caught On Video!

Mommy Can’t Help Now: ‘Affluenza Teen’ Gets Sentenced…To BIG BOY Jail

“When Cruz is president, de Blasio is DONE!” – New Ted Cruz Ad RIPS Mayor de Blasio A New One! [VIDEO]

Is He JOKING? Look who U2 front man wants to send to defeat ISIS [VIDEO]

RNC Official: "We Don't Want the RNC Perceived As Somehow Wanting to Manipulate the Process"

Hillary Plans to Make Gov't Even Bigger to Help Illegals "Integrate"

Sanders Fuels Speculation of a Contested Democrat Convention

Morning Joe Shocked as Obama Effectively Pardons Hillary: "Talk About a Rigged Process."

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