Friday, April 15, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, April 15, 2016

BIZARRE: The Pentagon and CIA Are Arming Opposing Sides in Syria

Christians oppose payday loans as ‘sinful’

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code

Japan earthquake: At least 9 people dead and many trapped beneath buildings on Kyushu island

Nothing to Hide, Eh Jane? Bernies Wife LIES About Releasing Tax Returns…

Woman Has Her 9th Abortion: “I’ve Done It 8 Times Before and Have No Regrets”

Louisiana governor signs order protecting LGBT rights, calls it ‘good for business’

House Democrat Proposes Atheistic ‘Day of Reason’ to Counter National Day of Prayer

Kentucky will remove county clerk names from marriage licenses

EU Finally Approves Terrorism Fighting Measures

This Could End Hillary’s Campaign: and it’s NOT her email scandal!

Revealed: Pay Disparity for Women at Hillary’s Foundation

Wow: John Kasich’s Wife Just Let Slip Why He’s REALLY In The Race

When Did Personal Privacy Start to Equal Crime?

Group Kicks People Out of Public Event…for This Reason

Obamacare Gasping for Air: Insurers Issue This Warning

SC Sheriff Lets CREEPS Know, ‘You Go Into the Bathroom With My Wife, I’m Gonna…’

Oppression: Obama Uses Executive Overreach to ANNIHILATE His Latest Target

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