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Latest Saturday, April 16, 2016

Vandals Deface This Memorial: You’ll be livid!

First They Demanded Sausages Banned, Now It’s This…

ISIS Targeting Hillary’s Top Aide

Tim Tebow Considering This Future Political Step?

Watch: DEMOCRAT Debate Mob SICK Of Hillary – BOOED When She Said This

Crusades 2016? This American Has Gathered a Band Of Christians to FIGHT ISIS!

Reporter Asks Minimum Wage Marcher BASIC Business Question; Her Response is PATHETIC!

Wicked: Mexican SHOOTOUT Between Authorities and Cartels Caught on Camera [WATCH]

MURDER: Man Kicks Both Stepbrothers in the Testicles… One of Them DIES of Gangrene!

Female Zookeeper, 38, Mangled to Death by Tiger While Preparing a Showcase in Florida

Bill Nye The ‘Science Guy’ Thinks ‘Climate Deniers’ Should Be Punished In This Horrific Way

Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was In Documentary About ‘Triumphant’ Integration Of Immigrants

McDonald’s Workers Don’t Need To CRY Over Minimum Wage for Very Long

Missouri couple LURED 10 yr-old girl into home by using a teddy bear… what they did to her is unspeakable [VIDEO]

BEWARE: This FAMOUS Movie Theatre Chain Just Allowed Texting…To Attract Millennial Audiences

Has The ‘Turtle King’ Mitch McConnell Had Enough? Term Limit McConnell, Here’s Why…

Ben Carson’s Manager Drops This TRUTH…And The Crowd BOOS!

ISIS Represents a Much Larger Danger in American Than We're Being Told

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