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Latest Sunday, April 17, 2016

Oh Man, Trump’s Quick Wit Just Helped Him Beat Bernie to a Pulp!

Obama’s final attempt to destroy the US! He just undermined our national security!

Freaky Mystery Foam fills the streets in the wake of a deadly earthquake….

Ouch! Bernie just BURNED Hillary Big Time!

Carolina Sheriff Reveals Exactly What Will Happen If A Man Goes Into A Bathroom With His Wife

I think I just saw Hillary’s lip quiver, she is VERY upset at the news this legal group has to offer!

SO MADDENING! You dress the part of a murderer, expect to be treated like one! Liberal bleeding hearts at work again. [VIDEO]

In a split second it turned violent! Terrified Residents Fled From Crazed Refugees [VIDEO]

MONSTER Who Raped 18-Month-Old Gets What He Deserves…

Ben Carson Comments Were Shameful? See What Has People ANNOYED

‘I just early-voted for Ted Cruz’ Young Conservative Senator Just Drew The Line

Dem. Senator: Gun Control Laws Necessary to "Protect Ordinary Citizens"

Teen Kicked Out from McDonald’s after Using Women’s Room…Here’s Why!

A Short Look at Precisely How “Racist” America REALLY Is…

FURIOUS! parents rage as nine-year-old kids exposed to SEX and NUDITY at elementary school

‘Keep Your Heads Up’ – Springsteen Denounces Michigan Transgender Bathroom Bill

ISIS Slaughters Civilians Begging for Their Lives in Video as Obama Claims Terror Group Is Losing

Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable

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