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No Tolerance for Religious Tolerance: Denying True Coexistence

Meme Illustrates Why Putting Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill Is A Conservative Move

Target Stores Open Women’s Bathrooms To Men…Will This Last?

Did You Know THIS Was in Noah Webster’s Dictionary?

THIS Professor is a Shining Example Why Pro-Gun Rights Students are Targets at Colleges

Mistaken Identity

Lindsay Lohan Says She Might Convert to Islam, Says America Doesn’t Understand THIS

Michelle Obama Just Insulted the Military In One HUGE Way

IMAGE: Big Food Chain Just Installed “Self Order Stations”… You Can Thank #FightforFifteen

Sheriff Clarke Praises Trump For Not Grovelling To “Charlatan” Al Sharpton

KARMA: Black Lives Matter Leader BUSTED in Swindle

Breaking: Russia Blames US Navy of ‘Bullying’, Threatens ‘All Necessary Measures’

Unbelievable moment surgeons draw out a SWORD from a man’s chest beside his still beating heart [VIDEO]

UPDATE: ‘Don’t let us down’: Judge reunites with middle school classmate as he’s released from jail…and he does THIS [VIDEO]

Put Me In Coach! VICIOUS brawl breaks out between parents at a children’s baseball game [VIDEO]

Five atheist miracles

Evolution and a Universe as Young as Humanity

Vote Them All Out! Only One Co-Sponsor On Resolution to Investigate Obama's "High Crimes and Misdemeanors"

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