Sunday, April 24, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maine Governor Condemns GOP Candidate

Hip Hop Artists Openly Threaten GOP Candidate

A Legend Fired For Bathroom Opinion

RNC Rules Member Ready to Block Trump

Hillary Gets Nod from Renowned Conservative Billionaire

Hillary Is Already Telling America She Will Not "Preserve, Protect and Defend"

1994 U.S. Law Prohibits the Distribution of Taxpayer Funds to UN Climate Bureaucracy

Donald Trump Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Change GOP’s Abortion Platform

White Privilege Conference: Blame Christianity for Nearly Everything Bad in the World

Prince: ‘There is Only One God–And I Believe in the Afterworld’

What’s Wrong with Directly Electing the President of the United States?

Pennsylvania Man Faces Charge After Being Caught by Police in Women’s Restroom Stall

Mayor of London Refers To Obama As “Part Kenyan”

Chinese robot monk blends science and Buddhism

Hillary Scandals | Political Cartoon | A. F. Branco

Is it Ever Legitimate to Complain Or Express Anger to God?

Dishonoring General Jackson

New ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Video Starring Bernie & Hillary Is Hilarious!

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