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Latest Thursday, April 28, 2016

DNA-modified salmonella helps stop cancer

Bats as Fighter Pilots

More Arrests in Terror Case after iPhone Hack

Criminal Minds

Obama Wants Your Gun To Do This?

DOE Encourages Teachers to Introduce Islam to Protect Muslims from Bullying

Benghazi, E-mails, and Down-To-The-Core Corruption Might Not Stop Hillary, But Will This?

House Passes Measure That Would Force Women to Sign Up for the Draft

What's Next? The Legitimization/Decriminalization of Pedophiles

Feds Want to Know Your "Gender Identity" in Next Census

To Those Who Believe a Man's "Right" to Use a Lady's Room Trumps a Woman's Right to Privacy…

Some Will Thank the Pentagon for Looking After Soldiers in This Way

Schoolteacher Fired For Describing Art

Burglar Suing Victim Over Robbery Aftermath

Trump took 5 – Surprised?

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison, $250K fine

Is Trump now only Clinton roadblock to White House?

Sheriff Clarke Eviscerates Hillary Clinton’s ‘Gangs Are Like Families’ Comment

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Pistol-Style Folding Knife


Winchester Shotgun Shell Tin Thermometer

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