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Latest Friday, April 29, 2016

Obama's "Smart Gun" Push is Back

Who Decided that Whites are the Only Ones Guilty "Racism" and "Hate Crimes"?

Oops! The Left Was Caught Red-Handed Stuffing the Ballot Box

House Passes Measure Aimed at Stopping "Obamacare for Your Retirement Plan"

Terror Attack at Trump Towers in NYC

Atheism BLOWN AWAY By Big Bang!

Dem Strategists Think He’ll “Knock Hillary Around Like a Baby Seal”

As Islam Invades Sicily, Guess Who Stands Up Against Them?

Sheriff Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves

Why is Obama more worried about Tranny Rights than This??

Feds Insulated with an Army of Attorneys: Guess Who Pays?

Kasich on Alliance with Cruz: “I can’t stand liars”

Customers Outraged When They See This Sign at Local Store

What Happens When A Man Asks Target This Question…

Criminal Minds

This is All Armed Homeowner Had to Say to Send Intruder Fleeing

Are Allah and Yahweh the Same?

Franklin Graham Joins Over 850K Americans in Target Boycott

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Winchester Shotgun Shell Tin Thermometer

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