Sunday, April 3, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, April 3, 2016

Famous Blond Anchor Says She’s NOT A Trump Supporter, The Drops THIS BOMB- Media Is Pissed!

THESE Stores Just Told Criminals They’re A ‘Gun-Free Zone’, Now Making Shopping DANGEROUS!

China Reveals NEW Nuclear Technology That The US CANNOT Match… Are We Losing?

Uh, WHAT!? David Hasselhoff Makes SHOCKING Announcement About Presidency- People Stunned!

Liberal Cities Give THOUSANDS Of Dollars As Hand-Outs Away To Hardened Criminals..Because THIS!

President Obama Opens Fire On THIS GOP Candidate – ‘He Doesn’t Know Much…’

Obama Grants IRAN Access To U.S. Financial System!

All HELL Breaks Loose As This Pastor Drops A BOMBSHELL On Muslim About Muhammad – WATCH!

Video of the Day: Watch anti-Trump Protester Actually 'Flip Out'

“We CAN’T Bow Down” – Franklin Graham Issues THIS Call To Stand Up Against LBGT Threats!

Muslim Learns His Bride’s Secret – Then Kills And Posts Dead Pictures Of Her On Social Media…

Meet These Swedish Bikini-Clad Anti-Groping Girl Vigilantes [PHOTO GALLERY]

OBAMA Care Is About To Kick The Bucket, And Here’s The 4 Reasons Why

Homosexuals To Christians Bakers: 'We Will Burn Your House Down, Sodomize Your Son'

260,000 Veterans Have Had Their Gun Rights Revoked by the VA Since December 2015

New Utah Law Requires Anesthesia for Babies Being Aborted at 20+ Weeks

Soldier Code Named “Viking” Just Became ISIS’ New NIGHTMARE

VIDEO: Chicago Man Is Streaming Live For Social Media…Then He’s GUNNED DOWN

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