Monday, April 4, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, April 4, 2016

VIDEO: Here is the TRUE Difference Between Trump Supporters And Bernie Supporters

Man Is So Devastated By THIS Discovery, HEARTBROKEN, He Tears Down His Poo

OUCH: PAINFUL Hillary meme completely nails liberal hypocrisy!

As Muslims Loudly Praise Allah, A Surprise From The Heavens ‘Answers’ The Call…

Final Cut from the GOP

“God’s Not Dead 2” Shown On Cruz Campaign

REPORT: If You Smoke A Lot Of POT…You Might Be A LOSER

Hillary Denies the ‘Unborn Person’ Has Constitutional Rights

Donald Trump Says Abortion Laws Should Be Left Alone

Is Ted Cruz’s Campaign On Its Last Leg?

British Upper Class Participating in Child Slavery

Tennessee To Make Bible Official State Book

Obama Makes Claim Regarding ISIS’ Morale

Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights Under Attack

Rick Warren’s Ministry Turns Ex-Inmate Into Pastor

Prominent Radical Islamic Terrorist Arrested in Africa

Hollande Censored by White House for Daring to Say ‘Islamist Terrorism’

GOP Candidate Predicts Contested Convention

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