Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Black Lives Matters Protesters Have Gone WAY Too Far This Time!

Why Isn’t DHS Warning Us about These Attacks??

Will the GOP Win or Lose This Term?

Mass Exodus out of This State: Too Much Government?

Obama Administration Trying to Force Housing Crash 2.0

Big Slip-Up For This IDIOT! Hillary Just Announced Something Liberals Don’t Want to Admit

Scientism Out of Hand: ‘Creatorgate’ and the Sorry State of Science

In His FIGHT for SURVIVAL, A Man Narrowly Escaped With His Life After This STRANGE Turn of Events

Obama’s Defense Policies Jeopardize America

Bernie Supporters Are Furious with the Tyranny of Superdelegates!

BREAKING: Another Muslim suicide bomber slips through the cracks!

Her Screams Will Never Be Forgotten! She Was Dragged for 2,000 Feet and Didn’t Look Human Afterwards

“Give us $15 or else.” — Done — “Now give us $20 or else!”

BIZARRE! He had no clue what was coming, or that he was on the dinner menu!

Leftists breaking MAJOR rules that could leave a massive election impact

Mexican Drug Cartels Have Created More Shovel-Ready Jobs Than Obama Has

Former Teacher Hates mentally-handicapped kids, what he did… he is not sorry for.

You Won’t BELIEVE What Obama’s Threat to the Second Amendment Did!

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