Wednesday, April 6, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hush Lil’ Babies

Al-Qaeda shot down a fighter pilot, what they do to him is HAUNTING!

Feds Raid Abortion Activist Home Over Planned Parenthood Videos

Syrian Carved out and DEVOURED soldier’s heart! [graphic]

CHILLING! Man begs cop for DEATH!

The hummingbird: God’s tiny miracle

Are Saturn’s Moons Younger than the Dinosaurs?

We Thought Hillary Couldn’t Go This Low: She is PRO Child Rapist!

DEVASTATING! Baby Screams in the Car While Father Does THIS!

Bloodthirsty Jihadis Release Disturbing Photos – This is Not Normal!

Poor Hillary: Can't Figure out Why People Think She's a Liar When She Tells a Bald-faced Lie! [videos]

These Mosques Are Inciting Violence in America, and Obama Is Helping Them

Dear Liberal, Hipster Christians: You’ve just been BURNED!

Can you BELIEVE what Melania Trump has said about TRUMP?

TECHNOLOGY Made Him RAPE?! – This Famous Man’s Excuse Against A College Girl

OMG!! Something was WIGGLING underneath his skin, what happened next is unbelievable! {VIDEO}

Police discover something HORRIFYING hidden in a this criminal’s RECTUM!

WARNING! They are ready…You better prepare! There will be MORE deaths than 9/11!

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