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Latest Thursday, April 7, 2016

VIDEO: Officer Slams Unruly Student to the Ground, Now the Backlash is On…

BREAKING NEWS: Terror Alert Has the World on Edge, Suspects Said to Have ‘Suicide Vest’

ALERT: Drunk-Driving Illegal Immigrant Kills Straight-A Student… Now He’s on the RUN

BRILLIANT! If Dems Hate Guns, Why Not Ban Them At The Democratic Convention? Here’s Why

This Dog Just Received The Medal Of Honor…What She Did Will Make You Smile!

‘F*ck Whitey’ — Black Rapper Slams Sarah Palin For Her Support Of Trump

Obama Claims to Have "Discretion" to Grant Illegals Social Security/Disability Benefits

Arizona College Imposes Mandatory Fee to Fund Scholarship for Illegal Immigrants

White House to Deal with Pressing Issue of Toys That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes

He Never saw it coming until it was to late…

CRUEL abuse! Hung by the neck and dragged….

THUMP! CRUNCH! That was all they heard until they discovered what horror lied beneath the car…

This is a real threat! Live footage reveals their plan of action…

Horrific Violence! Fathers preparation for Zombie Apocalypse, drives son insane, LITERALLY !

Obama is so HATED the Secret Service is ready to shoot anyone who gets too close!

Cartoon of the Day: No womb for rights

SHOCKING! Europe allows immigrants in and Now they REGRET it BIG TIME!

14 year-old girl LURED by friend, ends up half naked and frozen!

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