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Latest Friday, April 8, 2016

Bernie Supporter Asked Who Pays For His “Free College” on Live TV, Her Response Is Stunning

Oh Snap

THEY’RE HERE: Thousands of Refugees Touchdown in the USA… And Here’s the Problem

Donald Trump Holds First Rally in New York… And It’s YYUUGGE!

NEW Controversial Bill Can STOP OBAMA in His Tracks…

Mom’s Gone WILD: Mothers BRAWL Over Parking Space at Zoo… TRASH!

BIZARRE POLICE PURSUIT! What These Idiot Thugs Did in the Middle of Traffic

MUSLIMS Scream at Mayor With Chants of Support of Stabbing Attacks on Jews

Revealed: Clinton’s Connection With Russia's Most POWERFUL Bank!

Meet Arizona's 'Trans-Species' Dragon Lady [warning: graphic/disturbing photos]

18 Yr-Old Freshman Girl MURDERED… Police Looking For This SUSPECT

Owner of CO motel secretly watched 100’s of guests have sex for 29 YRS through peep-holes

WATCH: A Migrant Threatens To Throw Baby Into Crowd!

Attorney Files for Cliven Bundy to be Released: Claims Govt Afraid of Losing to “Political Prisoner” in Jury Trial

Hillary on GOP's "World of Fantasy"- "Not Even The Remotest Chance" I'll Be in Cuffs

‘Yes’ – Sanders apologizes for slavery and wants reparations…here’s his INSANITY explained

VIDEO: Sanders Supporter on Paying for Free College…Her IGNORANCE Will Infuriate You!

President Obama Moving To Give ILLEGALS Eligibility For Social Security And Welfare

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