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Organic Residue Is 247 Million Years Old?

Erasing the Truth About Planned Parenthood

Will Women Vote for Hillary or for Trump?

Who Will Protect Our Mothers, Daughters, Wives?

Cliven Bundy Strikes Back from Solitary Confinement

The Real Conservative? | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

The Federal Gov't Ignoring Biological Facts in Favor of Wishes and Feelings

Another Gun Grab in The Northeast

How Is This Not Terrorism?

Police Crippled by Obama Action

America MUST Act Now: Obama Seeks this Ban!

Famed Chief Justice of AL Roy Moore Suspended Over This

Socialism Forcing Citizens to do the UNTHINKABLE for food in Venezuela

The never ending saga of State Dept emails has another shocking turn of events

WI Businessman Seeks to Send Ryan Packing

Registering Women for the Draft: A Charade, Not a Necessity

Trump Was a Spark, Not the Fire

The Woman Who Destroys Other Women: Hillary Outed Again

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