Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, May 14, 2016

Obama's Decree Also Gives Males Access to Female Living Facilities at Colleges

Feds Pushing Taxpayers to Subsidize Sex Change Operations

Socialism ROCKS Venezuela

Talk of Impeachment as House Begins Hearings to Investigate IRS's John Koskinen

Dem. Rep. Brandishes Pic on House Floor of Two Men Using Urinal, Dressed as Women

Smug Liberals in Hollywood Get Caught Not Practicing What They Preach

Is The US Military Fighting With One Hand Tied Behind Its Back?

After Cruz Departure, One Candidate Saw A Huge Surge

Obama Decree Gives Men Access to Women’s Only Dorms

Hillary’s 47 Friends Who Mysteriously Disappeared…

Obama Administration: Tyrants over Showers and Toilets

Obama’s Decree Demands Control over School Bathrooms

How the TSA Handles 73 Terrorist Employees…

Benghazi Killer Ringleader Allowed to Live

Want Hillary to Go to Jail? Trump Attorney General Leaked…

CARTOON: Trump's Sausage Factory

Bill Clinton Had A Very Unlucky Friday The 13th

No Death Penalty for Benghazi Ringleader

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