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New Obama Order Will Force Healthcare Providers to Accept Transgender Nonsense

'It's me taking ownership of my own body and that is really powerful': Maryland woman seeks to normalize naked breasts by spending time bare chested in public

Tim Keller Staff Member Says Homosexuality Isn’t Sin, Part of ‘Church Plant’ Behind Transgender Restroom Plan

CARTOON: The Clinton Crime Family

Obama Foundation Tries to Oust Homeless Vets to Make Way for Presidential Library

"Wally-ball": At Least the Border Fence is Being Used for Something

It IS Islam; and it IS a Problem!

Dems Downplay Clinton Scandal Again

Artist Depicts Two Politicians Kissing, Garners Attention

Celebrity Uses Violence Against Bernie Supporters

Megyn Kelly Confronts TX Lt Gov on Obama's Latest Bathroom Edict [VIDEO]

State Defies Obama’s Unconstitutional Federal Order

This Country Prepping for War: The Red Threat is Back

These 9 Political Figures Changed the Election Game…

Obama says “just luck” not hard work to graduate

Stunning Evidence for Common Ancestry?

Pavlof Volcano rumblings could be prelude to eruption

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