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Latest Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Holy Ruling: Nuns Defeat Obama in This Round

Texan Tells Obama His Letter Is Going in the Shredder

Sex roulette parties where one person is secretly HIV+ and nobody is allowed to use condoms are on the rise, warn doctors

Social Media Viral: North Carolina Police Officer Comforts Autistic Boy After Running Away From School

This 14-year-old turned down a $30M buyout offer

Obama Tries to Temper Bathroom Decree: Our 'Guidance' was Requested to Protect the 'Vulnerable'

Major 2nd Amendment Victory – Out of California, No Less

Social Justice Warrior, Obama, Now Plans to Decriminalize Criminals

Native Europeans Targeted for Extinction?: "No More Blue Eyes & Light Hair"

Clarence Thomas' POWERFUL Speech To College Grads: A Message for Us All

Black Activists Outraged At Obama Insinuations

Sean Hannity Has Some VP Advice for Trump

Hillary’s 47 Friends Who Ended up Dead…Mysteriously…

Conservative Giant Makes This Admission…

No Holds Barred Strategy: Trump Plan Revealed

Iran’s Capture of US Navy: Worse Than Reported…

Obama Broke 10th Amendment By Doing This

Clinton Clan Cans the Competition…

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