Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, May 24, 2016

‘Hating Jesus,’ Matt Barber’s Explosive New Book, Exposes How Liberals Are Trying to Wipe Out Christianity

Saeed Abedini Urges Christians to Stand With Israel in Message on End Times Prophecy

Downed EgyptAir Plane Was Marked For Destruction

Spanish protestors strip naked as 'human meat' packages for animal cruelty demonstration

CARTOON: No Economic Media Bias Here

Robert Jeffress: Transgender-Friendly Businesses Bigger Threat Than ISIS

ISIS Executes Failed Leaders by Feeding Them to Ferocious Dogs, Kurdish Leader Says

Nile Crocodiles Turn Up in Florida; Did They Raft?

Wagging a finger at creationists

Unruly Criminal or Scared Mom? Her Story Proves You'd Better "Toe the Line"

Socialism Stronghold Uses U.S. As Scapegoat

Was Obama Planning To Nuke America?

Violence Predicted For Democratic Showdown

Hillary Grabs MILLIONS from This Company

How Gender Identity is Confusing America

Actor Spends 8,000 Private Jet Miles to Accept Green Award

Liberal Media Group: Pedophilia Normal Sexual Orientation

Don't Agree? You'll Get Two Years in Jail Then…

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