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Latest Friday, May 27, 2016

Man or Mouse? | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

Dems Trying to Back Door Obama's Executive Overreach

White Professor Denies Existence of Racism on Campus – Gets Fired!

Senator DESTROYS Harry Reid on The Floor…

Sick of Hillary Yet? Evidence She's Stonewalling Investigation

Massive Spike in Green Cards from THIS Area…

Can You Trust the Media? Journalist Says No…

Quickest Way to Build #YesTrump

Indonesia introduces death penalty as sentence for sexual abuse of children

Academics admit Intolerance for Christianity

Focus on the Family Reports: Third Largest Denomination in US Pulls Support of Abortion

Anti-2A Film Denigrates Gun Owners with Illusive Edit

State Department IG Report’s Greatest Hits: Hillary Lied (Her SPOX Lied about the Lies)

Obama Set For Otherworldly End

President Obama is racing against the clock

ISIS Developing Terrifying New Weaponry

Is An American Revolution At Hand?

Trump Does It! Passes Magic Number of 1,237 Delegates

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