Sunday, May 29, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump RNC Speech Seeking Enormous Venue

Bernie Ready To Talk About Emails

Feds Fighting Hillary Deposition [VIDEO]

Obama Announces New Position Dedicated to "Muslim Outreach"

Hey, Obama: Did Japan Apologize for Murdering My Cousin?

Has Loretta Lynch Become Eric Holder Version 2.0?

How You Can Help the Bundy Ranch/Oregon Patriots and Political Prisoners

Facebook Now Even Censoring Complaints of Censorship

Vandals Deface Vietnam Memorial

Trumps Relies On Hell's Angels

You'll Never Guess Who Paid for this Rally Protest…

If You Have One of These, You're Islam's Next Target

Bernie's Thoughts on Venezuela Collapse TERRIFYING

State Dept Inspector Reports: Hillary Unfit for President

How Clinton & the IRS Burdened the American Taxpayer

No End to Hillary's Lying Tongue: Once Again

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