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Latest Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why has Andrea Tantaros Dropped of the FOX News Programs?

Man Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife for Breaking Support Agreement with Her Lesbian Relationship

Wan-Mart is, So Far, Keeping Quiet About Their Bathroom Policy

Trump Inner Circle Spills Beans

DNC Wishes to Exclude Millions of Voters

The importance of creation in missionary evangelism

The Earth may be home to one trillion species

TN Allows Campus Carry Despite Governor

EPA Can't Claim Bison Heroics

Congress Must Say No to Chapter 9 for Puerto Rico

Pledge To Support ISIS – Catch A Drone Strike

Michigan Descends Into Liberal Grave

Hillary and Bill Booed off the Stage in This State!

Muslims Offended by National Anthem

Hypocrite Hillary: Makes Salary from Campaign, but Dumps on This Candidate for Being Rich

Should Candidates Use Teleprompter? This Candidate Says No

Criminal Organization Sues Whistleblowers for Exposé

University Uses Gestapo Tactics to Silence This Group

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