Thursday, May 5, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, May 5, 2016

Conservative Advocate Regis Giles Nominated for Award

These 16 States Have Defied Obama and Outlawed This

Victims of USS Cole Bomber Denied Justice by Obama

Obama’s Budget: Guess Who Will Get MORE than Social Security Recipients?

Modern American Tyranny: Unchecked, Unknown…Til Now

5 Reasons Hillary MUST Be Stopped

Big Fish Little Fish

State Department Defies Congress Again?

Hacker: “It was Easy” Getting into Hillary’s Private Email Server

Obama's Plan to Disarm the 'Mentally Incompetent' is Falling Into Place

Hillary: The "Whole World" is Counting on Us

Eric Parker, Labeled by Feds "The Bundy Ranch Sniper," Speaks from Prison

Cruz Supporters – Don't Lament

Bundy Farm Sniper Speaks Out

Justice Dept.: Calling People 'Felons' or 'Convicts' Can "Drain Their Sense of Self-Worth"

Trump's Money Troubles: The Self-Funding Pitfall

Illegal Aliens Stealing Identities to Come Out of the Shadows

Beck Denounces Trump Again

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