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Obama: Are We Going to Discriminate Against Muslims Because of Their Faith?

Top Six Jihadi Killers in US Since 9/11Were All Vetted or Under FBI Surveillance

Guess Which Institutions the American People Have the Least Confidence In?

Why It's Time to Repeal the Second Amendment

A Meme-Rable Look At The Obama Administration And Advisers

Immigrant Mohammad Moghaddam Takes Hostages at Amarillo Walmart – Is Shot Dead by Police

WATCH: Christina Grimmie's 'In Christ Alone' Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

‘Nobody Understands’: Chemist Debunks Evolutionary Viewpoint on Life’s Origins

Flowers Create ‘Electric Landing Lights’ for Bees

Judge Rules Man Can Legally Adopt a Third Sex – "Non-Binary"

Judge Voids "Defective" Charge Against Planned Parenthood Video Maker

New Poll Will Make Liberals FURIOUS

London's New Mayor Just Passed This WILD Law

Pinocchio-hontas | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

Warren Warpath

U.S. Veteran Saved Dozens In Orlando

BOMBSHELL: Hillary Funding Coming From Middle East

After Russians hack DNC, White House Plays the Blame Game

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