Friday, June 17, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, June 17, 2016

Federal Judge Rules Texas Must Accept Syrian Refugees

Trump and His Vice President Pick

House rejects effort to ban illegal immigrants from military service

Could it Be Orlando Shooter's Father Planned It?

Did CIA Just Say Trump is RIGHT about Muslims?

Will Wikileaks Release Hillary's Emails?

Pastor Gerald Sharon Resigns From Evangelical Church Over Biblical Position on Homosexuality

Cronies? Is Obama Signalling to the FBI to Back Off Hillary?

Pointing Fingers in the Wrong Direction

Guess What's Selling like Hotcakes in This Community?

Abortion Drone Will Fly Dangerous Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland to Violate Its Pro-Life Laws

Gun Sales Soar – But, The Customer Profile is Unique This Time

The Gun Control Proposals Are Flying – and None of Them Would've Stopped Omar Mateen

White House Builds Better Wall…For Themselves

Is This Southern City Poised For Their Own Gay Club Attack?

Hillary Rigs Election So Much That Stanford Can Prove It

LGBT Appropriates Patriotic Symbols In Wake Of Orlando

CIA Directly Contradicts President On ISIS

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