Thursday, June 2, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, June 2, 2016

Obama's "Mobility Counselors" – Making the Suburbs "Less White and Less Wealthy"

John Kerry on His Job: Save the Oceans…Save the World!

Death, Taxes, and the Gym Membership

Hillary's FIRST Email Scandal was in '98

Liberal Crybabies Getting Exactly What They Deserve

Clinton Campaign Caught Doing THIS At Rallies

Registered Democrat Says Hillary’s Email Server Issues May Finally Take Her Down

Mark Cuban Hurls Wild Accusation At Donald Trump

Premiums Rise as much as 58% – Thanks Obamacare

The Feds Are Gonna Make Sure You Don't Eat Too Much Salt!

This ACLU Director Just Bucked Obama's Bathroom Decree

4 Warning Signs to National Security Hillary Chose to Ignore

Clinton's Staff Refuses To Answer Questions At Deposition

Failed Socialist Endorses Failing Socialist

When Muslims Meet Christ

Obama Still Blocking the Way for Christian Refugees

San Diego Trump Protesters Burn Veteran’s Hat

Hillary's Tangled Web of Lies and Deceit is LEGENDARY!

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