Sunday, June 26, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, June 26, 2016

VIDEO: Another CNN Anchor SCHOOLED On Guns

NFL Legend Loses Contracts Over WHAT?!

Obama's Muslim, Homeland Security Advisor Proves "Gun Registry" Won't Work

These Stalwart (Gag) Dems Braved the Elements for YOU!

Talks of Cruz Re-Entering the Race, "If the Opportunity Presents Itself At Convention"

Artificial Intelligence Bot Shocks Inventors, May Be Destroyed

New Jersey Democrats Climb Aboard Trump Train

Trump Believes Himself Cure For "Texit"

Paul Ryan Scrambling To Fend Off Challenger

Obama Attempts to Keep You in the Dark

What the BREXIT Vote did to Hillary Clinton

How Brexit Makes America SAFER!

Jihadis Call for Massive Attacks to Completely Paralyze Europe's Economy

Influential Evolutionist Fails to See His Own Contradictions

Democrats, LGBT Activists’ Sinister Plan to Crack Down on Christian Schools

The Bible-hostile agenda of early uniformitarians and evolutionists

Changes in PROMESA are needed to effectively address Puerto Rico debt crisis

Shocking Truth Revealed: State Dept. Had to Do This for Hillary…

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