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Latest Monday, July 11, 2016

Jeh Johnson: Too 'Early' to Label Dallas Attack a 'Hate Crime'

NRA Fires Back at Sharpton's Assertion That "The Second Amendment is for Whites Only"

NRA Responds To Al Sharpton’s Asinine Charge They Only Care About WHITE Gun Owners

AG Loretta Lynch: Fomenting Racist BLM Riots and Violence

Police Fire Back At Obama In Wake Of Dallas Ambush

SWITZERLAND’S NOT PLAYING GAMES With Muslim Immigrants: “If you reject our culture, we will reject your application for citizenship"

Hillary’s 2016 Democratic Platform Continues Party’s 2012 Rejection of Israel

What Brexit Means for Christianity

German couple among first victims of Merkel/Zuckerberg scheme to silence political speech

DHS Insults Police In Wake Of Dallas Shooting

CARTOON: The Fabric Of Our Lives

Ken Ham Shares Gospel With Bill Nye During Ark Encounter Tour

Citizen recordings of police interaction growing amid push

Is Your Cat Logical?

BLM Protestors Ask for Donations to Fund Bail – Arrested for Throwing Fireworks, etc. at Police

The Newest Chic Cause: We Must Have a Homosexual in Every Movie

Social Justice Can't Stop Black On Black Violence

Jesse Jackson Has No Understanding Of Guns

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