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Latest Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Confirmed: Liberals Are Completely Emotional about Guns

Dear Officer, I See You (Video)

New Study Backs Up Libertarian Ideas On Marijuana

Barack Obama Gives Another Coffin-Top Lecture

Pastor Resigns, Refuses to Bow to LGBT Agenda in Schools

VIDEO: Armed Illegal Gets Big Surprise In Texas Garage

UFC Fighter Gives Message To America Following Dallas Shootings

Son Of Alton Sterling Has Message For Protestors

Trump Refuses Race-Baiting NAACP's Invitation

Cops Walk Off Job at Minneapolis Arena After WNBA Players Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirts

VIDEO: Dallas Cops Give Obama Cold Shoulder

Obama Ignores HUGE Middle Eastern Development

Mount Rushmore … evidence of design

Do Animals Have Language?

State Dept. Discovered to Have Purged E-mails re: the Administration's Funding of Anti-Netanyahu Campaign

Despite Ineligibility, Illegals Receiving BILLIONS in Food Stamps

Crazy! Corrine Brown Says – Had the FBI Not Investigated Her, They Would've Stopped Orlando Attack

Pointing Fingers | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

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God, Guns and Guts Door Mat


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