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Latest Friday, July 15, 2016

Oops! Hillary Tells O’Reilly Why She’s Not Qualified To Run For President!

Mike Pence Is The Worst Possible Choice For VP And Could Lose Trump The Election

Senior Editor At Ebony Is Still A Racist After All These Years

Death To Law & Order

Despite What You Read, Ginsburg Didn’t Apologize

Two California Nearly Die While Playing Pokemon GO

CARTOON: Black Lives Matter Is The American ISIS

Why Short Dinosaur Arms?

Racial reconciliation: The Gospel is the answer

GOP Convention Sitting Duck With No Police Support

VIDEO: French Truck Shown Speeding Past Police

The Truck Did Not Kill Those Innocent People In France

Terrorist Attack Strikes France Again

Reviving Obama-nomics

Terrence William’s EPIC RANT Against BLM Democrats [VIDEO]

Day Of Rage Protests Scheduled For July 15 In These American Cities

Climate Change Is Real

Dear Rachel Maddow, Trump Isn’t Hitler But YOU Are An Idiot!

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