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Latest Monday, July 18, 2016

Franklin Graham Claims Christians Should ‘Hold Your Nose’ and Vote for Either Clinton or Trump

Pastor Arrested After the Teenager He Got Pregnant Died in an Abortion

Robertson Said He Had Vision of Trump Seated ‘At the Right Hand of the Lord’

Bill Nye Calls Ark Encounter 'Disturbing,' Argues 'Every Science Exhibit Absolutely Wrong' After Visit

Ants: the incredible heavy-lifting champions

Police And Protestors Did WHAT In a Wichita Park?

This Fast Food Joint Refused To Serve Police

Fox Anchor In Hot Water After Pushing BLM Racism

Florida Cop Car Latest Victim In War On Police

Three Officers Murdered…and they Celebrate

FBI Pilot Program Collects Iris Scans from State and Local Police

Sheriff Clarke Whoops CNN's Lemon RE Black Lives Matter (Video)

Bernie Sanders Gets No Brotherly Love In Philadelphia

VIDEO: Trump Gets Backup From This Group In Cleveland

Kasich Slams Attempt to Adjust Gun Rights At RNC

Baton Rouge Sheriff Defends 2nd Amendment In Statement

Hamas-Affiliated CAIR Objects To See Something/Say Something Muslim Billboards

Cretins Come Out Of The Woodwork To Rejoice Over Killing Of Three Cops

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