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Latest Wednesday, July 20, 2016

[VIDEO] Black Trump Supporters Debating White Liberal At RNC

‘Daily Show’ Nabs Donald Trump, Jr. Plagiarizing RNC Speech; Just One Problem

Donald Trump: Not My First Choice But My Only Choice

Liberal writer at GQ tweets that he would like to beat the mother of dead Beghazi hero, Sean Smith, to death.

Obama Caught Lying About Illegal Immigration

Hillary Continues to Nail It

Socialism Creates Selfish, Immature People and Societies

Unchurched, Not Unreachable: Your Friends Are More Open than You Think

Cover-Up? New Black Panthers Held Secret Meeting Sunday In Baton Rouge

Twitter Bans Gay Conservative Star, Ignores 1st Amendment

Obama Writes Op-Ed, Fact Checkers Catch Him Lying!

The War On Police Rages On In NYC

The pitch for Noah’s Ark

Survey of the Best ID Literature Illuminates Distortions of the Evolution Debate

VIDEO: The Clinton Crime Family

Fingers on a Chalkboard | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

Typical Hillary Speech

DNC Guest Speaker Is A Total Disgrace

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