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Latest Friday, July 22, 2016

Website Asks White People to Pay Black People’s Rent — To Atone for Slavery

Hillary Insults Fraternal Order of Police – They Call Her Out!

Univ. Offered “Safe Space” During RNC – Coloring Books and Candy to Comfort the Fragile

Trump: Will We Show the Whole World That America is Still Free and Independent and Strong

Obama: The World Has Never Been Less Violent, Healthier, Better Educated, More Tolerant

Fox News “Analysts” Misinterpreting or Reinventing History

Germany Doing Unthinkable For Migrants, Homeless

Trump Says 5 Letters That Will Infuriate Liberals

NBA Comes Out Swinging For Liberal Agenda

VIDEO: Liberal Media Resorts To Violence Against Alex Jones

Many Opinions on Cruz's RNC Speech, But This One Sums it up Perfectly

Media’s False Narrative about “Racist Cops” is to Blame for the War on Cops

VIDEO: Boos for Cruz! The Canadian was booed off the stage in Cleveland last night, and rightly so

Uncovered! Melania Trump’s Speechwriter is a Liberal Saboteur

Think Progress Editor Calls Killing Cops ‘Justice’

Cruz Turned Away At Door of Billionaire’s Suite After RNC Speech

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Unarmed Black Man Shot By Police As He Lies On His Back With Hands Raised

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