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Latest Saturday, July 23, 2016

Obama Vetoes Bill That Would Cut Ex-President’s Pensions

Trump is just another BIG govt guy?

Black Community Meet Police for Cookout, BUT…BLM Says That’s “Not In Line With Their Principles”

Proteins in '2-Billion-Year-Old' Rock

John Kerry: Air Conditioners Are as Life Threatening as ISIS

Muscles and Nervous System: Keeping the Body Moving

Munich Gunman Sent Out Invitations to Mall Before Rampage

Will Dems Put an End to Superdelegates?

Are We Watching Trump Become an Establishment Insider?

Since Obama Refused To Do It, The American People Had To

BLM Gets What They Wanted, Insultingly Reject It

MASSIVE DNC Corruption Exposed

CAIR objects to “see something/say something”

German Shooting Suspect Dead, Media Quiet About Origins

Kerry Says Air Conditioners and Refrigerators Pose Same Threat as WHAT?

Restored Voting Rights for Felons STRUCK DOWN!

Earth to Europe: Islam Isn’t Stopping

The American Appeasers Gowdy, Issa and Chaffetz: The Show Goes On

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