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Latest Friday, July 29, 2016

COMMENTARY: Will Your Candidate Fight Against Crony Capitalism Or Join In?

Liberal Protester Tries To Stomp On Burning American Flag – Things Go Horribly Wrong


Nefarious Hillary is NOT Qualified to be POTUS

Nancy Pelosi Thinks White Men are all Stupid, God-Fearing, Gun-Toting, Sexist Homophobes!

Great News: Lois Lerner’s Corrupt Division Of IRS To Review Clinton Foundation Activities…

DNC Speaker Rev. William Barber Got Jesus WRONG

Can’t Make This Stuff Up: You Won’t Believe Who Hillary Picked To Do Her Biopic

Hillary Says “Rise Up and Challenge” Yes, America – It’s Time…Don’t Be Afraid!

VA Spends $20 Million on Art – Meanwhile Vets Die Awaiting Medical Care

They (the DNC) Tried to Shut Them Down, But the Hecklers Won on Hillary’s Big Night

DOD Experimenting on Soldiers with Brain Stimulation Headgear

The Pipeline No One Is Talking About

The Black Heroes Who Took Down The Freddie Gray Hoax

Reaction To Hillary's Speech Are Priceless

VIDEO: Overnight Radio's #1 Host Just Made A Wild Prediction

War On Police Rages On In Liberal California

National Intelligence Director Remains Tight Lipped on Source of DNC Hack

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