Sunday, July 3, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, July 3, 2016

VIDEO: Clinton Insider Details Bill And Loretta's Meeting

CARTOON: Scratch n' Sniff Corruption

Sources Claim Hillary's Fate In FBI Probe…You'll Be FURIOUS

ISIS Warns Of U.S. Attack On 4th Of July

Congressional Black Caucus Intends to Cause a Scene on Tues. Over 'Gun Control'

Business Owner Puts Up 10 American Flags – Gets Visit From Police for 'Violation'

Military Evaluating Commanders Based On 'Their Climate Change Knowledge'

Trump Tweets: 'Sources' Announce 'No Charges' for Hillary

Disbarment Charges Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Mosby

VIDEO: 19 Year Old Girl With Brain Tumor Beaten By TSA

Does the Constitution REALLY matter?

Hillary's Complicit Media | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

Hillary's Presidential Bid Will Be Hurt No Matter What the FBI Decides

More Erratic Behavior From The Russian Fleet

AGAIN? US Has Another Close Call With Russian Ship

Hillary Has First Interview with FBI Regarding Illegal Server

What the Scariest Part of a Hillary Presidency is

D.C. Looking For Statehood And A Name Change

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