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Latest Thursday, July 7, 2016

CARTOON: Not So Blind Justice

Barak Hussein Obama becomes a stuttering fool without his teleprompter

Trump Running Out Of VP Choices

Trump, Jesus, and Cancer: Alan Colmes with Victoria Jackson

South Carolina Town Outlaws Thuggish Beltline

Grandkids and Golf

You Won’t Believe Why This Trump Supporter Was Kicked Out of a Restaurant

Lynch Makes It Official, Clinton Is Invincible

More Clinton contacts who turned up dead

Trump Starts the War on Hillary: It’s Awesome!

Why Hillary’s Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card Shouldn’t Be Surprising

TOBIN: Appeasing of Iran, It Never Works

Truth of the Matter? Why Comey Didn't Recommend Hillary Clinton Indictment [Video]

The Most FRIGHTENING Manifestation of the Corruption of our Political System

Why Democrats Should Be Concerned after ANOTHER Failed Indictment of Hillary Clinton

Trump's First Post-Comey Hillary Attack Ad (Video)

Hollywood Mainstay Blasts Pro-Choice Charade

VIDEO: Krauthammer Absolutely NAILS FBI's Incompetence

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