Friday, August 26, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, August 26, 2016

Clinton Body Count Frightens Former Acquaintance

VIDEO: BLM Invents Insane And Infuriating New Slogan

Hillary Ordered To Turn Over WHAT?

Starbucks Minimum Wage Hike Predictably Backfires

VIDEO: Reporter Ruins Hillary’s Chances With Minorities

Hillary Software Choice Reveals True Intent Of Illegal Emails

Dr. Drew Ousted By CNN For Hillary Health Comments

Clinton’s Border Hypocrisy Revealed

Susan Sarandon Goes After Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s Latest Low Blow Invokes KKK, Racism

INSANE Cartel Stash House Discovered In Texas

Baltimore Employs Bird-Like Big Brother

Are Ballot Issues In Trump’s Future?

CARTOON: Follow The Money

Emails Reveal Collusion Between State Dept. And Clinton Foundation

Phone Call Constitutes Press Conference Says Hillary

University Of Chicago Is Done With Liberal Crybabies

Germany Passes Doomsday Prepper Law

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ISIS Hunting Permit Tank Top


Trump – Pence Bumper Sticker

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