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Trash Talker In Chief

REVEALED: Khan Deeply Tied to Islamic Investors, Clinton, Saudi Arabia, Sharia Law

Obama Threatens To Pronounce Himself Dictator If Trump Wins

[BREAKING] Trump May Drop Out Of Presidential Race! Priebus Reported To Be “Furious”- Warns Trump To Change Course Over Khan Criticism

Islam Sympathizing Obama Team Blasts Trump for “Vilifying” Muslims

Breaking News: Obama Secretly Paid $400 Million Dollar Ransom to Iranian Regime!

VIDEO: Father of Benghazi Victim GOES OFF on Clueless CNN Host

The ‘Movement for Black Lives’ Issues Their List of Demands

DHS Publishes Guide for Illegals on “Sensitive Locations” Where Immigration Laws Aren’t Enforced

BREAKING: Republicans Preparing For Trump To Drop Out Of Race

ATF is Unlawfully Accumulating Personal Info. on Gun Owners

Obama Talking Trash | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

Platypus Evolution “Remains a Mystery”

A Web of Lies! Investigation Shows Flossing Doesn’t Even Work

WSJ Report: US Sent the $400 Million in Cash on the Same Day the Hostages Were Released

Did U.S. Give Iran Pallets Of Secret Cash?

Obama’s Mandates that Federal Agencies Must Consider Climate Change

Khizr Khan: Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’

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