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Latest Saturday, August 6, 2016

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Trump by 10 Year Old Goes VIRAL [Video]

Obama and the U.N. Collude to “Beef Up” and Nationalize America’s Police Departments

First Daughter Lifts Skirt At Festival, Embarrasses America

Is WikiLeaks Going After Trump Taxes?

VIDEO: Good Samaritan Jumps In To Save Police

Libertarians Picking Up Steam, Ratings

ESPN Feeling The Heat After Going Full-On Liberal

Which Red State Just Went Blue?

Trump Hints At Shocking Cabinet Appointment

Old CIA Head Makes Endorsement, Bold Claims

Surprise! Trump Crying Baby Story NOT TRUE

CARTOON: Iranian Stimulus Package

We Can’t Trust the Obama Admin to Monitor Scientists Making Human-Animal Hybrids

Peppered Moth Still Not Evolving

Hillary’s Trump Card

Hillary Clinton Doubles Down On “FBI Says I Didn’t Lie” Falsehood

Obama on Iran Payment: Deflect, Deny, Distort, Deride

Joe the Plumber Makes a Big Time Endorsement with a Big Time Machine

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