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Latest Sunday, August 7, 2016

Obama and the U.N. Collude to “Beef Up” and Nationalize America’s Police Departments

Hillary Clinton to National Fraternal Order of Police: No Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Support

Dem Congressman Seeking ‘Enthusiastic’ Interns: White Males Need Not Apply

Hillary Clinton to Military K-9 Unit – “Get that F***ing Dog Away from Me”!

Clinton Tells Police Union To Take A Hike

American Nazi Party Makes Their Endorsement For Prez

If Trump Doesn’t Change His Strategy, He Will Get Killed in November

Hillary's Mental Health Lambasted By Trump

Hillary Clinton “Deliberately and Blatantly Lied” About Running Guns To Syria

Olympics Athletes Can Now Be Deemed "Too White"

So You're Never Trump? Consider This for November

Obama Feeding the Beast | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco 

Was Donald Trump Right Without Knowing It?

BLM Co-Founder to Clinton's "My Back is Tired of Being the Path to the White House"

Hillary’s Trump Card

Hillary Clinton Doubles Down On “FBI Says I Didn’t Lie” Falsehood

Obama on Iran Payment: Deflect, Deny, Distort, Deride

Joe the Plumber Makes a Big Time Endorsement with a Big Time Machine

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