Thursday, September 1, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump’s Mexico Visit Wildly Successful, Egg on Hillary’s Face

CARTOON: Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Trump Immigration Speech Crashes His Own Website

Another NFL Quarterback Weighs In On Anthem

Clinton Takes Massive Dip In National Poll

Liberty Alliance Hits Another Milestone

Facebook Whistleblower Confirms Massive Liberal Bias

Hillary Lambasts Trump’s Trip From Comfort Of Her Home

Speculation On Delay Of Election Hits The Media

Hillary’s Favorability Hits 25 Year Low

Classified Emails Continued AFTER State Dept. Gig

Teacher Refuses To Teach Those Who Question Climate Hoax

Clinton Body Count Rising Once Again, 6 Years Post-Mortem

Election May Be Controlled By Obama’s DHS

Trump Headed To Mexico To Talk Wall With President

Trump Supporters Fight Back Against Crooked News Network

Obama’s Doctor Has A Shocking Opinion

A Leaky Distraction

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ISIS Hunting Permit Tank Top


Trump – Pence Bumper Sticker

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