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Latest Monday, September 19, 2016

CARTOON: Basket Of Disposables

Reince Priebus Lays Down The Gauntlet On Turncoat Repubs

Liberal Media Ignores THIS About Minnesota Mall Attack

Yes, Clinton Did Start The Birther Movement

McDonald’s Sends American Workers Packing In Ohio

Trump Surging With Black Voters While Clinton Tanks

Clinton Puts Words In Trump’s Mouth Once Again

Suspects Arrested In NYC And NJ Bombings

Connection Discovered in NYC and NJ Bombs

VIDEO: Trump Sign Vandals In For The Shock Of A Lifetime

Obama Makes Sick Joke On Day Of Attacks

Obama Claims Personal Vendetta Against Trump Supporters

BREAKING: Debate Moderators Will Be Banned From…

Islamic Terror Strikes Minnesota Mall

Latino Who Criticized Trump For Rape Comment Arrested For…

Terror Hits New York City, New Jersey

Political Decoys – Body Doubles – Nothing New

VIDEO: Clinton Campaign Chooses Cringe-Worthy Song

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