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Latest Friday, September 23, 2016

Sarcastic Petition About Crack Barrel’s Name Takes Off

CARTOON: Thug Lives Matter

VIDEO: Georgia Woman Stops Burglars With 2nd Amendment

Clinton Laughs In Reporters Face After THIS Question

Jesse Jackson Gives His Blessing To Race War In Charlotte

VIDEO: Hillary Could Be Forced To Drop Out If…

Clintons Stole From And Defaced White House In 2001

Simulation Underway To Take Back Our Government

Cam Newton Speaks Out On Charlotte Violence

VIDEO: Charlotte Protests Turn To Race War Overnight

VIDEO: Hillary Shouts At Supporters Over Losing To Trump

One Southern Town Has More Migrants Than LA and NYC…COMBINED

CARTOON: Living In Fantasy Land

Instant Karma Hits Sports Team Full Of Kneelers

Tea Party Supporters Come To Trump’s Side

Texas Newspaper Feels The Heat Over Clinton Endorsement

Charlotte Riots Take Ungodly Turn Toward Gruesome Violence

Charlotte Man Stopped By Police Was Armed And Charging

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