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Latest Monday, September 26, 2016

Clinton’s Top Donor Country Holds Sex Slave Auction From ISIS

Trump Picks Up Another Surprising Endorsement

Hillary Goes With Huge Winter Coat In 70 Degree New York

Hillary Gets Yet Another Judicial Favor Before November

CARTOON: Pre-Programmed

Egyptian President Pushes Use Of “Islamic Extremism” Label

Latest Bloomberg Poll A Shocker For Trump Campaign

Clinton Camp Begging For Special Debate Treatment

Clinton Gets Custom Podium For Debate

Obama Strands Poor Pastor In Iran After Prison

Kaepernick Heads To High School To Spread Hate

VIDEO: Woman In Charlotte Stands Up To BLM Nonsense

War On Police Hits A Southern Bakery

Clinton Voters Need Begging To Stay On Task

FBI Never Intended To Charge Hillary, Says Report

Liberals Recruit Army Of The Dead To Bombard Polling Places

Clinton Takes Another Hard Hit In Key Battleground State

VIDEO: Brilliant New Ad Resurrects Nixon To Bash Clinton

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